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Protect the Alaska Marine Highway

Mike Dunleavy tried to destroy Alaska's ferry system

Our state ferry system is a critical piece of the state’s infrastructure, and a diamond in the rough. The sheer beauty the “blue canoes” pass through every day is second to none, worldwide. We need to rebuild the AMHS to what it once was—a world class system meeting the needs of Alaskans and visitors alike.

We need the equivalent of Europe’s Eurail pass for the AMHS, so passengers can hop on and hop off for a stay in various stunning Alaska coastal communities where it docks. We need to bring back the amenities— such as local entertainment and the naturalist program — that made travel on the AMHS so special. Under the Walker administration, we initiated the AMHS Reform Project, a broad public process aimed at making our ferry system more sustainable and durable for the long term.

The top recommendation was to reduce the ferry system’s entanglement in the political process so managers can make longer term plans and better business decisions. We support this effort and will implement Rep. Louise Stutes’ bill as an important step in bringing greater independence and sustainability to our ferry system.

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