Another veteran for Walker/Drygas

Steve Hovenden

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, November 6

Letter to the editor: I support Bill Walker for governor for any number of good and just reasons. Fearless, reasoned leadership for starters. Like most veterans, I’ve seen good and bad leaders and the damage that occurs. Bill is man whose word is good and doesn’t attempt to buy votes or make false promises. He doesn’t demand that state employees sign a loyalty oath or be fired. He didn’t promise to support education and then gut our educational system as Dunleavy did. That is called integrity.

Gov. Walker did exactly what he was supposed to do while in office; he balanced the state’s checkbook, he made the right decisions for the people of Alaska, even if some may be unpopular. That is courage.

Bill is not a professional politician who has his eye on higher office, as some do. Bill and Heidi are homegrown Fairbanksans whose goals, clearly, are the betterment of all us Alaskans. That is called vision.

There is absolutely no doubt in my Viet Nam vet ex-military type mind that Walker/Drygas is the leadership Team Alaskans need and deserve.

Under the current administration, Alaska ranks dead last, No. 50 in growth, No. 49 in economy, No. 47 in education, No. 2 in crime, No. 1 in women being murdered and #No. in Indigenous women being murdered.

We simply can’t afford another fours years of this administration. We all deserve better

Join us in voting Walker/Drygas No. 1.

Steve Hovenden