Democrats, Republicans, and Independents line up behind Walker Drygas campaign

ANCHORAGE – Today, the Walker Drygas campaign released a comprehensive list of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents from across Alaska who are supporting Bill Walker and Heidi Drygas for Governor and Lieutenant Governor.  

Bill Walker said of the endorsements, “I’ve always said that the label on your uniform makes no difference in our administration or campaign. But it is important for Alaska to see that our campaign’s support is as diverse as our state, and a reflection of what the Walker-Drygas administration will look like. I am proud of the array of political, professional, cultural, and geographic backgrounds on these endorsement lists.  And I am honored to have this true representation of Alaska standing behind our campaign.” 

The list includes nearly 150 Alaskans who have become well-recognized figures in their local communities and across the state. They include former Governor Frank Murkowski, Former Lieutenant Governor Fran Ulmer, and Former Lieutenant Governor Stephen McAlpine and a long list of former and current mayors, council members, state representatives, business owners, professionals, and community leaders. 

“This is proof of our truly independent campaign and the opportunities that await our non-partisan administration,” Heidi Drygas stated. “It is not often that you see a list like this, with household names of Republicans and Democrats crossing party lines to lend their support. Like Bill and me, they know too well what is at stake in this election. I am humbled and grateful to know that voters from all reaches of the state and political backgrounds are lining up to rank us #1 in this election.”

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