DR. LINDY JONES: Bill Walker did more to improve the health of Alaskans than any politician I know

By Dr. Lindy Jones
Juneau Empire, June 13, 2022

In my professional opinion, as a longtime physician here in Juneau, Bill Walker did more to improve the health and wellbeing of Alaskans than any other politician in recent memory.

One big example is when Bill cut through the politics and expanded access to Medicaid on his own when the Legislature wouldn’t. This bold move made it so tens of thousands of Alaskans can go to the doctor when they’re sick without having to worry that receiving health care will take away money for rent and food.

This is one of many reasons our community showed up for a meet and greet to support Bill on a rare sunny and warm afternoon.

Another is his running mate, Heidi Drygas, who lives in Juneau with her husband and daughter. Heidi has spent a career advocating for workers and is clearly committed to protecting and expanding access to good, affordable healthcare.

Bill and Heidi are authentic and real. Their overriding governing principle is to do what’s best for Alaskans. Please join me in supporting Walker-Drygas!

• Dr. Lindy Jones is a longtime Juneau resident who is the Medical Director for the emergency department at Bartlett Regional Hospital.