In alphabetical order

If you believe in our future and love our State, join me in voting for Bill and Heidi.”

Megan Alvanna-Stimpfle

Bill and Heidi are the leaders Alaska needs now. Their respect for and ability to work with others can bridge divides. Their focus on Alaskan jobs, infrastructure and investment will strengthen Alaska’s economy. Their knowledge of Alaska communities and Alaska’s natural resources are a foundation for sound stewardship. And their compassion for others will help make Alaska a better place to live for all.”

Adm. Tom Barrett

Courage to do what is necessary, the backbone to not wither under pressure, and a record of working hard for Alaska and Alaskans regardless of party. That is what defines Bill and Heidi. After four years of failure and broken promises from the Dunleavy administration, Walker and Drygas are the leaders we need.”

Vince Beltrami

I served with Bill Walker for four years and witnessed leadership built with integrity, compassion, and care for every single Alaskan. The dedication to improve relations with the first peoples of this place has not been matched by any other governor. Bill leads with a steady commitment to building relationships with people and organizations across our state. I know Bill and Heidi are the right team to reestablish the stability that Alaska needs and to restore trust in our state’s leadership.”

Barbara ‘Wáahlaal Gíidaak Blake

We’ve run out of room for false-starts and poor learning curves in Alaska. That’s behind us. We need a leader for our next governor. Someone with courage, integrity, the ability to converse with us as equals, and a vision for Alaska that reflects the reality of our state’s situation. We need quality decision-making in Juneau and Bill Walker brings that along with the requisite leadership skills, maturity, and experience to guide the state to a viable future. He’s a winner and ably assisted by another leader, Heidi Drygas.”

Al Bolea

I am proud to support the Walker Drygas ticket-candidates who understand and support fishing, ferry and coastal needs and concerns.”

Pat Branson

I support Bill Walker because he cares about the future of Alaska. As Governor, I saw his successful initiatives for rural 911, Drug Interdiction, K-9 programs, traffic safety corridors. Bill Walker cares about Alaskans and recognizes the importance, now more than ever, of working together to ensure that Alaska can be prosperous for future generations.”

Bill Comer

Bill Walker is an Alaskan through and through, having lived and worked in many areas of Alaska. Bill makes reasoned and well thought out decisions that are in the best interests of all Alaskans, not politically expedient decisions. Bill is an all-around nice guy who will be a Governor for all Alaskans including future generations and we are so proud to support him.”

Jeff and Sue Cook

I support this combined ticket due to their belief that the best way forward for this state is to reach across party lines and work together as Alaskans, for Alaskans. I know they will work hard to rebuild the Alaska I grew up in, so that my grandchildren can also experience the Alaska I know and love.”

Chris Dimond

Alaskans deserve an administration that will work collaboratively with our legislature, create fiscal stability for our state, and always put the best interests of Alaska and Alaskans first. That’s why I’m proud to support the Walker-Drygas team.”

Laura Edmondson

I am supporting the Walker/Drygas team because, having worked with both of them, I believe they are the team most likely to win support of Alaskans and lead our state forward to economic stability, opportunity for working families, and science based healthcare policies.”

Berta Gardner

Working with Governor Bill Walker during my Legislative service, we did not always agree. In fact, we vigorously disagreed in some areas. But Governor Walker stayed in the discussion. Rather than condemning those who disagreed with him, he continued to listen and talk. Governor Walker remained in Juneau during contentious discussions and required his staff to stay in Juneau as well. Governor Walker worked hard on steps toward fiscal balance, making hard decisions without regard for his re-election future. Governor Walker has demonstrated his focus on doing what’s right for Alaska, not politics. I believe Bill Walker has the heart for Alaskans that will help us together get through the challenges and find clarity for our productive future. He has the commitment to show up and do the work, the presence to listen and understand, and the courage to do the right thing for Alaskans.”

Cathy Giessel, MS, RN, APRN, FAANP
Alaska State Senate 2011-2020
Senate President 2019-2020

I was born a Republican and I am supporting the Walker Drygas ticket because Bill will get our fiscal house in order.”

Blaine Gilman

For Almost All of This Century I have been convinced that my friend Bill Walker is true to Eight Stars On a Field of Blue and is the Right Person for Our Time to Lead Alaskans.”

Robert Gottstein

Bill Walker is passionate about our state and what needs to be done to keep it running strong. His commitment to doing what is right, rather than what is easy, shows me he is working hard for all Alaskans no matter their political affiliation. I know Bill and Heidi will continue that hard work building our state’s economy for a future our children and grandchildren can be proud of.”

Kate Goudreau

Trust and vision. Those are the words that come to mind when I talk about the Walker-Drygas team. Trust, because I know that as Governor, Bill Walker will build a stable, sustainable economy for years to come. And vision because as Lieutenant Governor, Heidi Drygas will put the interests of all Alaskans ahead of politics.”

Elyse Guttenberg

Integrity matters, that’s why I support Bill Walker and Heidi Drygas. In a time when other politicians have chosen to say what people want to hear and promise what they know they can’t deliver just to get elected, Bill and Heidi stand out as lights of truth and integrity. Having had the opportunity to work with both of them for 3 years, I can say with absolute assurance that they put truth ahead of political rhetoric, Alaska and Alaskans ahead of party politics, and results above personal agendas. That’s what I want in my leaders. That’s why I support the Walker/Drygas ticket.”

Randy Hoffbeck

I’ve worked with Bill over the years that I’ve been in local government and as mayor. I know electing Bill Walker as our next governor is exactly what Alaska needs now.”

Luke Hopkins

His genuine love for his family and for Alaska is inspiring.”

Margy Johnson

As governor, Bill Walker brought decency and integrity to public service. He spoke the honest truth—even when it was tough to hear—to the Alaska people. In Lt. Governor nominee, Heidi Drygas, he’s found a lifelong Alaskan and public servant whose values meld with his own. This is a team to which I can give my unequivocal support.”

Rep. Andy Josephson

I know and trust Bill Walker and Heidi Drygas to make the tough decisions that we face going forward. Watching Governor Walker go through very difficult times in his last term proved to me that he has the courage and simple decency that it takes to be a good Governor. I’m proud to support this team for Alaska.”

Beth Kerttula

Over the past four years, Alaskans have seen what happens when the state pushes tough decisions to local communities rather than stepping up during times of crisis: local property taxes are through the roof, snow is piling up on highways and coastal communities have seen their highways taken away completely, and countless Alaskans who should still be with us died from COVID because public health officials were ignored. Bill and Heidi have the leadership skills needed to rebuild Alaska and restore accountability and integrity in our state.”

Randall Kowalke

Alaskans have a chance (that we currently do not have nationally) to elect a reasonable, trustworthy executive. I support competence over political party. I believe Bill Walker is the best choice. He has proven that he supports coastal communities and coastal economies. Small business owners are hungry for leadership. We want safety and stability for ourselves and opportunity for our kids. I especially like that Bill will roll up his sleeves and work to solve problems in areas where others just play politics and the blame game. Coming out of the worst of times we have a huge opportunity to leverage and build our infrastructure and institutions for a productive future. Bill Walker has proven that he is the best candidate to set us on the right course.”

Buck Laukitis

Safety is a fundamental right that every Alaskan deserves — wherever they live. Bill and Heidi clearly understand that we will only get where we need to if we make serious investments in public safety across our state. They will make sure we have enough financial stability to make those resources available every single year.”

Ken McCoy

Bill has earned my trust over time through actions that prove his commitment to working with and respecting our Tribes and the First Peoples of Alaska. The Walker-Drygas administration understands that there is no decision-making table if Alaska Native peoples are not at it, and will work to correct the injustices that have so long left us out of these critical roles. Bill will make sure our Native peoples are at the table as decision-makers and will enact structural changes that make it so no future governor can undo this or work against us instead of with us again.”

Liz Medicine Crow

Governor Bill Walker is an outstanding example of what a public servant should be. His compass is the U.S. and Alaska State Constitutions. He is a non-partisan that consistently acts in the best interests of all Alaskans. I’m 100% in support of his re-election as Governor of the state of Alaska.”

Rep. Dan Oritz

Alaskans deserve a governor who will engage with every region of the state in order to solve our economic and social issues. Bill is the right person to pave through partisan politics and deliver for Alaska.”

Austin Otos

As a longtime former high school basketball referee, I know a good call when I see one. I met Bill Walker in the late 1960’s as a referee for many of his high school basketball games. Since that time, I have always known Bill to be honest, down to earth, and a straight-shooter. He has the experience, knowledge, and the right priorities to get this great state back on track. Bill Walker is a good call for Alaska and he has my wholehearted support.”

Jim Palin

Bill and Heidi will work with educators and parents to create the best public schools in the nation.”

Tom Parker

I support Governor Walker, Bill, because he’s never wavered in the face of adversity, he makes his decisions based on whether it’s good for Alaska, he sees the best in Alaska and works to build a better stronger Alaska for our future generations. He knows we need to all work towards a better Alaska and builds the relationships needed to see it through, recognizing Alaskas first people can and should be an integral part of that success he envisions.”

Richard Chalyee Éesh Peterson

I’m honored to support Bill Walker and Heidi Drygas in the upcoming election. Governor Walker is a proven leader, a problem-solver, and the moderate voice of reason we need in our state and Heidi Drygas is the perfect running mate. Join me on Team Walker/Drygas and let’s get Alaska back on track!”

Harlow Robinson

Alaskans need leadership that will get our state back on track. Bill Walker and Heidi Drygas are the perfect team to get the job done. They respect workers and are running to give everyone a voice in the kind of state we build rather than continuing the disturbing trend of winning office by dividing Alaskans.”

Jim Sampson

I am proud to support Bill Walker and Heidi Drygas for Governor and Lt. Governor. Together their commitment to always doing the right thing for Alaskans is unparalleled. A homegrown team, you can count on Walker and Drygas to restore trust in Alaska’s government, faithfully honor our constitutional rights, and build a stronger Alaska for generations to come.”

Rep. Ivy Spohnholz

I am proud to be supporting Bill Walker for the next Governor of Alaska. I believe that Alaskans are entitled to a stable economy and a safe environment. And the first of these is good leadership. Good leadership gives us a chance, opportunity to choose well or to choose poorly. This election is my opportunity to choose good leadership.”

Marilyn Stewart

I trust Bill. He is an honest, hardworking and courageous Alaskan who puts Alaska’s best interests above his own. Unlike some candidates, Bill tells you the truth, based on facts, not fiction.”

Fran Ulmer

The time of us and them is over, we must come together to build a United Alaska. Bill and Heidi represent that and have the guts to pull it off.”

Ralph Wolfe

Bill Walker and Heidi Drygas have already done a great job leading this state and I can’t wait till they can lead our state once again. They lead, they listen, they care and they make decisions that help all Alaskans. Our great state needs great leaders like Bill Walker and Heidi Drygas. They have all the qualities needed to move Alaska past these challenging times and into a much brighter future. They lead, they listen and most importantly, they care.”

Rep. Adam Wool