In alphabetical order

Courage to do what is necessary, the backbone to not wither under pressure, and a record of working hard for Alaska and Alaskans regardless of party. That is what defines Bill and Heidi. After four years of failure and broken promises from the Dunleavy administration, Walker and Drygas are the leaders we need.”

Vince Beltrami

I served with Bill Walker for four years and witnessed leadership built with integrity, compassion, and care for every single Alaskan. The dedication to improve relations with the first peoples of this place has not been matched by any other governor. Bill leads with a steady commitment to building relationships with people and organizations across our state. I know Bill and Heidi are the right team to reestablish the stability that Alaska needs and to restore trust in our state’s leadership.”

Barbara ‘Wáahlaal Gíidaak Blake

I am proud to support the Walker Drygas ticket-candidates who understand and support fishing, ferry and coastal needs and concerns.”

Pat Branson

I support this combined ticket due to their belief that the best way forward for this state is to reach across party lines and work together as Alaskans, for Alaskans. I know they will work hard to rebuild the Alaska I grew up in, so that my grandchildren can also experience the Alaska I know and love.”

Chris Dimond

I am supporting the Walker/Drygas team because, having worked with both of them, I believe they are the team most likely to win support of Alaskans and lead our state forward to economic stability, opportunity for working families, and science based healthcare policies.”

Berta Gardner

Working with Governor Bill Walker during my Legislative service, we did not always agree. In fact, we vigorously disagreed in some areas. But Governor Walker stayed in the discussion. Rather than condemning those who disagreed with him, he continued to listen and talk. Governor Walker remained in Juneau during contentious discussions and required his staff to stay in Juneau as well. Governor Walker worked hard on steps toward fiscal balance, making hard decisions without regard for his re-election future. Governor Walker has demonstrated his focus on doing what’s right for Alaska, not politics. I believe Bill Walker has the heart for Alaskans that will help us together get through the challenges and find clarity for our productive future. He has the commitment to show up and do the work, the presence to listen and understand, and the courage to do the right thing for Alaskans.”

Cathy Giessel, MS, RN, APRN, FAANP
Alaska State Senate 2011-2020
Senate President 2019-2020

I was born a Republican and I am supporting the Walker Drygas ticket because Bill will get our fiscal house in order.”

Blaine Gilman

I know and trust Bill Walker and Heidi Drygas to make the tough decisions that we face going forward. Watching Governor Walker go through very difficult times in his last term proved to me that he has the courage and simple decency that it takes to be a good Governor. I’m proud to support this team for Alaska.”

Beth Kerttula

Over the past four years, Alaskans have seen what happens when the state pushes tough decisions to local communities rather than stepping up during times of crisis: local property taxes are through the roof, snow is piling up on highways and coastal communities have seen their highways taken away completely, and countless Alaskans who should still be with us died from COVID because public health officials were ignored. Bill and Heidi have the leadership skills needed to rebuild Alaska and restore accountability and integrity in our state.”

Randall Kowalke

Alaskans deserve a governor who will engage with every region of the state in order to solve our economic and social issues. Bill is the right person to pave through partisan politics and deliver for Alaska.”

Austin Otos

I support Governor Walker, Bill, because he’s never wavered in the face of adversity, he makes his decisions based on whether it’s good for Alaska, he sees the best in Alaska and works to build a better stronger Alaska for our future generations. He knows we need to all work towards a better Alaska and builds the relationships needed to see it through, recognizing Alaskas first people can and should be an integral part of that success he envisions.”

Richard Chalyee Éesh Peterson

Alaskans need leadership that will get our state back on track. Bill Walker and Heidi Drygas are the perfect team to get the job done. They respect workers and are running to give everyone a voice in the kind of state we build rather than continuing the disturbing trend of winning office by dividing Alaskans.”

Jim Sampson

I am proud to support Bill Walker and Heidi Drygas for Governor and Lt. Governor. Together their commitment to always doing the right thing for Alaskans is unparalleled. A homegrown team, you can count on Walker and Drygas to restore trust in Alaska’s government, faithfully honor our constitutional rights, and build a stronger Alaska for generations to come.”

Rep. Ivy Spohnholz

I trust Bill. He is an honest, hardworking and courageous Alaskan who puts Alaska’s best interests above his own. Unlike some candidates, Bill tells you the truth, based on facts, not fiction.”

Fran Ulmer