Fundraising report shows Walker-Drygas is a campaign by Alaskans, for Alaska

“It’s humbling to see so many Alaskans investing to make sure our team has the resources we need to win”

ANCHORAGE – The first fundraising report of the 2022 campaign cycle was released on February 15, demonstrating the growing number of Alaskans supporting Bill Walker and Heidi Drygas for governor and lieutenant governor.

Walker-Drygas for Alaska has raised nearly $670,000, with financial support coming from more than a thousand Alaskans who live in 49 communities across the state, representing views from across the political spectrum and from many walks of life. The campaign has outraised all opponents in the race.

“Rebuilding Alaska will require hard work, and the strong support we see today is the result of hardworking Alaskans stepping up and making sure our team has the resources we need to win,” Bill Walker said. “This is a campaign built up by Alaskans, for Alaska.”  

“We’re up against an incumbent whose position changes as quickly as the weather in Alaska and who doesn’t care about using state resources to run his campaign. It won’t work because Alaskans aren’t going to be fooled twice by Mike Dunleavy,” Heidi Drygas added. “We’re grateful for the outpouring of support. Alaskans are clearly hungry for meaningful change.”