BREAKING: Gara-Cook Walker-Drygas Campaigns Share United Message

Two campaigns come together to ask Alaskans to retire Dunleavy

Anchorage – Today, in an unprecedented move, the Walker-Drygas and Gara-Cook campaigns joined together in a call to ask Alaskans to not bullet vote in the upcoming election.

“With ranked-choice voting, it’s critical that all of our supporters rank a 2nd choice in the race for Governor,” said Lt. Governor Candidate Heidi Drygas.

“Second choice votes are crucial if we’re going to defeat Mike Dunleavy,” said Lt. Governor Candidate Jessica Cook.

“We are uniting because our teams agree – Alaska can’t afford another four years of Mike Dunleavy,” said Drygas.

“Dunleavy is making devastating choices that threaten our daughters’ future, and we urgently need a change of leadership now,” said Cook.

The two teams released a joint ad that called on Alaskans to retire Dunleavy.

Watch the video here:

Following is the script from the ad:

Heidi Drygas: As candidates for Lt. Governor, Jessica and I are on different teams.

Jessica Cook: But when it comes to caring about Alaska’s future, we’re on the same team.

Heidi: We’re uniting because our teams agree – Alaska can’t afford four more years of Mike Dunleavy.

Jessica: Schools are closing, core services are being cut, and Alaska’s kids are being left behind.

Heidi: He’s left our coastal communities stranded by all but destroying our ferries, he’s gutted our university, and pushed our state into a recession.

Jessica: As mothers we’re committed to fighting for our daughters. Dunleavy wants to take away the right to choose but we won’t let that happen.

Heidi: Reproductive freedom is on the ballot.  We will protect it, but 

Dunleavy will attack it.

Jessica:  So, whether you support Team Gara/Cook or Team Walker/Drygas…

Heidi: …we urge you to rank the other team second. 

Jessica: With ranked choice voting, it’s going to take all of our votes to beat Dunleavy.  

Both gubernatorial candidates Les Gara and Bill Walker have and continue to urge a 2nd choice ranking for either ticket.

For more information, please contact Amber Lee from the Gara Cook Campaign at (907) 350-0486 or Tristan Walsh from the Walker Drygas campaign at 907-378-2365. 

Paid for by Alaskans for Les Gara, PO Box 200415, Anchorage AK 99520 and Paid for by Walker Drygas for Alaska, PO Box 92051, Anchorage, AK 99509