JOSIE BAHNKE: Why I’m supporting Bill and Heidi

By Josie Bahnke

Political signs seem to be popping up around town as quick as the dandelions these days and that can only mean one thing-it’s an election year. This year, Kodiak voters have an important decision to make about who they want at the helm of our State’s highest office: Office of the Governor.

Alaskans need and deserve real leadership. It’s been too long, almost 4 years, since Kodiak has had our issues addressed by Alaska’s Governor, so it was refreshing to see the KDM feature the two Gubernatorial candidates who visited Kodiak for Crab Fest in last week’s paper.

As an Alaskan with over 25 years of professional experience in tribal, state, and municipal government, I’ve learned how critical it is to have a highly functional and responsive state administration. That is why I’m supporting Bill Walker and Heidi Drygas for Governor and Lieutenant Governor with my vote.

Bill and Heidi are not your typical politicians. They are passionate about doing what is right for Alaska, not political affiliation. Their respect for and ability to work with others and listen honestly to get an understanding of the issues will help lead our state towards addressing the needs of all Alaskans and in turn make Alaska a better place to live.

I’ve been fortunate to observe Bill and Heidi in several Alaska communities and they don’t present their agenda, they listen and will base their agenda on what they hear and learn. They are true Alaskans to the loyal core, competent, honest, and have knowledge of the job as Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

Team Walker Drygas has a proven record of great leadership and they believe that Alaska’s best days are
ahead. With the two of them at the helm of our State’s executive branch, I do too.

This letter to the editor appeared in the Kodiak Daily Mirror on June 8.