Letter: Choices for governor

By Fran Ulmer

Anchorage Daily News, October 24

This year’s election for governor presents a clear choice about Alaska’s future, our freedoms, our Permanent Fund dividend, and even our fish. The choice is between candidates who have the courage to make tough decisions that will benefit Alaskans in both the short and long term, and those willing to buy your votes by promising larger dividends, while taking away our rights and giving away our resources to outside interests. I am ranking Bill Walker No. 1 because he has already demonstrated his courage, competence and commitment to Alaska’s economic and fiscal health when he served as governor. He knows that protecting the Permanent Fund’s ability to pay dividends and help pay for education in the future requires moderation in the short term.

Fighting for longevity, he is the smart protector of the PFD. He also understands the importance and complexity of the challenges we face from fisheries management to public safety.

Bill is focused on Alaskans’ values. He knows that Alaskans prize their independence and do not want the government interfering with their health care decisions, including reproduction. He is committed to vetoing any legislation that interferes with those rights. He will prioritize education, from preschool to the university, because he knows that is an investment that pays dividends in the short and long term.

Bill is focused on Alaska infrastructure from roads and ferries to schools and water systems, and how to maintain them. And he will work with communities across Alaska to help them face their challenges from the salmon collapse to the climate-driven disaster.

This election is about Alaska and Alaskans, and that’s who Bill Walker will fight for — everyday Alaskans.

— Fran Ulmer