Letter: Rank Walker/Drygas first

By Dennis Robinson

Anchorage Daily News, November 2

I’m Dennis Robinson, president of the Qawalangin tribe of Unalaska and vice mayor of the city of Unalaska. I am ranking Bill Walker and Heidi Drygas No. 1 on the ballot for a number of reasons, all of which directly impact our citizens, our economy and our resources.

Bill and Heidi know the importance of the Alaska Marine Highway System to coastal Alaska and will work hard to make it work for us. Our current governor cut the AMHS budget year after year, and the coastal communities suffered for it. Bill and Heidi will see to it that money, resources and energy are available for the ferry system, because they know it’s best for coastal Alaska.Bill’s expansion of Medicaid brought a billion dollars per year in federal funds to Alaska, saved the state millions of dollars and created thousands of health care jobs around the state. Now tens of thousands more Alaskans have access to health care because Bill Walker had the courage to expand Medicaid.

Bill and Heidi know the importance of sustainable fisheries across the state and will see to it that they remain for future generations. Integrity, education, a deep respect for our constitution, the importance of a strong economy, being able to work with everyone as they are not beholden to any political party. Bill and Heidi are lifelong Alaskans. Rank them No. 1 on the ballot.

— Dennis Robinson

President, Qawalangin Tribe of Unalaska