OPINION: We need a governor who knows Alaska

By Jeff Cook
Anchorage Daily News | October 20, 2022

I support Bill Walker for governor. I want a governor who will serve actively the whole term. Gov. Walker has proven that is the way he will serve. Our incumbent governor was mostly invisible, inactive and ineffective his first 3.5 years in office. His penchant to do nothing if reelected will be unlimited as he will be termed out.I want a governor who looks beyond elections and their generation for the long-term good of our state and future generations. It is easy to give out big dividends to curry the favor — and votes — of Alaska citizens. What is harder is to look ahead to future generations and do what is best for them. I want my children, grandchildren and all future generations to benefit from Alaska’s Permanent Fund. I am confident by his past actions that Gov. Walker will work to benefit current and future generations.

I want a governor who understands our entire state. Gov. Walker was born in Fairbanks and has lived in small communities like Delta Junction and Valdez, as well as larger communities, including Anchorage and Juneau. Gov. Walker understands the diversity of Alaska, in its people, its resources and its potential. The next four years will be critical to Alaska’s future in a rapidly changing world. Those changes will be economic, social and strategic. Through his past service, Bill Walker has proven he has the talents, determination and insight to best serve Alaska for the next four years. Vote Bill Walker for governor.