Statement regarding budget announcement

The budget proposal that was just released would protect some of the essential state programs that are vital to Alaska’s future. I know this because I prioritized and invested in many of the same exact initiatives every year I was Governor. But I struggle today because I also remember watching in dismay as Governor Dunleavy dismantled them during his first three years in office.

Sadly, I believe we already saw exactly what the current Governor really wants to do with our state. When he arrived in office three years ago, he tried to slash funding for K-12 education and the university, rural law enforcement, senior benefits, Pioneer Homes, the Alaska Marine Highway System, and more. Our state has spent the last three years reeling from these cuts. There are major questions about how realistic the revenue projections in the budget proposal are, and while all of these essential programs absolutely should be funded, restoring funding after making senseless cuts in the first place is not leadership.

Leadership is investing in our state from the start, and that’s exactly what the Walker-Drygas Administration will do. We will build and invest in our people and communities so we can provide the same opportunities we enjoyed growing up here.