Walker & Drygas call for divestment from Russian assets, Alaskan naval base

‘Saying a few tough words but moving on without actually doing anything is weak leadership’

ANCHORAGE – Today, Bill Walker and Heidi Drygas urged policymakers to take the following actions in response to Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine:

  1. The Permanent Fund should immediately and fully divest from companies based in Russia so that Alaska’s financial resources do not help subsidize Vladimir Putin’s illegal war.
  2. Russia, for many years, has banned the import of seafood from the United States. Alaska and our federal partners should reciprocate and prohibit the importation of Russian seafood.
  3. Rather than continuing to import oil from Russia, policymakers in Washington should enact policies that will get Alaska’s resources out of the ground and to places in our country that need energy and are currently being hammered by high gas prices. This effort should include finding ways to get the Willow Project back on track to development and production.
  4. In consultation with Alaskans, Congress should take steps to ensure that the next U.S. Navy base is located in Alaska so that we are better prepared to respond to any threats from our neighbors across the Bering Strait. Currently, the nearest base is thousands of miles away which poses a significant security threat.

“Alaskans from all backgrounds are united in their support for the people of Ukraine and in opposition to the illegal invasion carried out by the Russian government,” Bill Walker said. “Our Congressional Delegation is working hard to advance our interests, but we also need leadership from the State of Alaska. Saying a few tough words but moving on without actually doing anything is weak leadership.”