Walker Drygas earns a spot in the final four, advances to general election ballot

‘Heidi and I are going to win this race because we are running to represent every single person in our state’

ANCHORAGE — Bill Walker and Heidi Drygas will officially appear on the general election ballot for Governor and Lieutenant Governor on November 8, following the release of early primary election results by the Alaska Division of Elections.

In response, the candidates issued the following statements:

“Heidi and I are going to win the general election because we are running to represent every single person in our state—whether we are their first choice or not,” Bill Walker said. “As a unity ticket that is setting aside our respective partisan roots, we are the only team with the ability to win support from voters who want common sense solutions and leadership. With the primary election done, we remain on track to build a broad coalition that will ultimately defeat the incumbent governor and get our state back on track.”

“We are honored that Alaskans placed us in the final four and advanced us to the general election,” Heidi Drygas added. “In the coming months, we will continue making our case to voters about why we are the right team to rebuild Alaska. We believe the departure from the old system that allowed political parties to dictate people’s votes is a good thing. For the first time in our state’s history, Alaskans will have four distinct choices for Governor and Lieutenant Governor in the general election.”

Bill Walker was the eleventh Governor of Alaska, and Heidi Drygas was Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development from 2014-18. Both of the candidates were born in Fairbanks and set aside their party labels to run as Independents.