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Women’s Reproductive Rights

We hear the frustration in Alaska around the politicization of women’s reproductive rights, so we want to take a moment to say we’re listening and to lay out more specifics. We are a unity ticket. We are running to rebuild Alaska, not to make changes on divisive social issues. What matters more than our personal views is how we will actually govern on this issue.

We will:

  • Defend a woman’s right to make her own reproductive decisions.
  • Work to make 12 months of birth control available at a time, rather than time-limited prescriptions.
  • Work to continue and expand family planning and healthcare services so that women can plan their pregnancies.
  • Continue to support the expansion of Alaskans’ access to healthcare—as we did when Bill expanded Medicaid in 2015—so women and families can plan their own reproductive decisions. Medicaid expansion gave 70,000 Alaskans access to federally funded healthcare services which improved outcomes and reduced unplanned pregnancies.
  • Commit to expanding access to child-care and Pre-K in order to meet 100% of the need. We can’t just talk about valuing children; we’ve got to show it in how we support families.
  • Focus on expanding resources for foster care and adoption services.

We will work to ensure the status quo of women’s existing reproductive rights including:

  • Opposing a constitutional convention in Alaska.
  • Opposing and, if necessary, vetoing any bills that abridge these rights from what they are today.
  • Opposing any constitutional amendment that would degrade the constitutional right to privacy.

We understand this is a critically important, and deeply personal issue to many Alaskans. We understand that our positions will not be perfect for everyone. However, we ask that you consider the balance in our ticket, our dedication to upholding the constitution and our commitment to the status quo of women’s rights in Alaska, and that our ticket is fundamentally committed to protecting families and creating opportunities for upward mobility. We’ve spoken on this issue before in a prior op-ed which you can find here.

Our ticket is the only one that can defeat Dunleavy and prevent four more years of attacks on all Alaskans’ rights. Whether you believe our views perfectly align with your own, we are committed to hearing from you and will not shy away from difficult, but necessary discussions on this issue.

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